Your personal VPN server without subscription

Pay only for the time that you use VPN.

VPN server belongs only to you

Only you has access to your VPN server.

Guaranteed 1 Gb/s bandwidth

Your VPN server process only your connections.
Bandwidth not splits between a lot of users and we can garant stable bandwidth.

Major VPN protocols supported

We do not limit users choices by single protocol. We support next most popular VPN protocols:
  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP
  • IKEv2
  • PPTP
Read here more about different VPN protocols.

No additional apps required

We don't force users to install our application on their devices, because all modern devices already support most popular VPN protocols.

Datacenters in 12 regions

We use virtual servers of DigitalOcean.
AMS2 Amsterdam, Netherlands Test speed
AMS3 Amsterdam, Netherlands Test speed
BLR1 Bangalore, India Test speed
FRA1 Frankfurt, Germany Test speed
LON1 London, UK Test speed
NYC1 New York, USA Test speed
NYC2 New York, USA Test speed
NYC3 New York, USA Test speed
SFO1 San Francisco, USA Test speed
SFO2 San Francisco, USA Test speed
SGP1 Singapore Test speed
TOR1 Toronto, Canada Test speed